Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Earth Source Organics Facts: Organic Food Consumer Demographics!

The organic products industry is often portrayed, at least anecdotally, as a movement for affluent suburbanites who fit a predictable demographic profile: well-educated, high-income, liberal-leaning, heterosexual Caucasian females in their 30s or 40s with children. As the organic movement strides into the mainstream, however, any effort to pigeonhole the organic consumer may lag behind reality."The range of people who want green and organic products is very broadly distributed through the population. It's entirely possible to find working-class households that want organic foods, or ethnic households that you don't think of as the standard natural products customers. Research suggests that even consumers who do have lower incomes demonstrate a higher interest in organic foods than the "ideal" high-income consumer. In February 1998, Food Chemical News quoted from a talk given by Christine Bruhn of the i love your style Center for Consumer Research at the University of California at Davis: "About 30 percent of consumers with incomes under $12,500 told the Economic Research Service that organic foods are 'extremely important' compared with 14 percent of consumers with incomes over $50,000."(Natural Foods Merchandiser)

Tightening their spending habits amid economic uncertainty, U.S. families, however, are not giving up their purchases of organic products. In fact, nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of U.S. families buy organic products at least occasionally, chiefly for health reasons.

The largest category of organic buyers, "Newly Organic" parents (representing 32% of parents overall), are younger than other organic buyer groups with younger children. Furthermore, findings indicate it is these younger parents who are more active when it comes to incorporating organic products into their and their children's lives, both in terms of product choices, as well as topics of discussion and environmental/social activities.

Source: (Natural Foods Merchandiser)

Earth Source Organics invites you to explore the taste delights of our Righteously Raw Chocolate Bars, which, even the discerning taste buds of a five year old considers candy. Our Righteously Raw Chocolate bars are made of raw, organic, healthful ingredients and without refined sugars or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). From the raw, unheated, unprocessed and unadulterated cacao (chocolate) to the varied and exotic fruits, berries, and other certified organic ingredients that fill them. A bite of one of our raw chocolate bars will assure you that you're in for a unique and palate-pleasing taste treat.

Each truffle is produced in our nut-free facility, guaranteed to be free of corn and soy, and fully certified organic, vegan, gluten-free and kosher. At Earth Source Organics, quality is about more than just certifications or stamps of approval; it's about the dream of our founder and our entire staff's dedication to help everyone on the planet by promoting vibrant health through exceptional foods.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Starting A Chicken Farm The Organic Way

Plants occupy nutrient elements from the soil through their roots. Like many economies within the ancient world, agriculture was the key source of income for many people. When growing peppers aphids can be a large problem and as aphids prefer heat much like your peppers and chilli's do, the situation is worsened.

Agriculture is also important from your viewpoint of assessing the standard of the country's development, based about the capability of its farmers. Published findings will continue for decades, as the experiments save the planet are slow and tedious. - Conferences - NUTRILITE sponsors scientific forums on a normal basis - encouraging a continuing dialogue to help NUTRILITE's comprehension of nutrition science and health promotion. Published findings will continue for decades, since the experiments are slow and tedious. No-till organic farming has got the possibility to become a major fighter against climate change, and offer healthy, chemical-free food at the identical time.

For More Info: . delicious, nutritious, and healthier vegetables. There is really a rising trend in lambs and ewes being kept as pets with more people looking towards raising rare breeds of sheep for purpose of conservation and heritage.

If you think about starting a chicken farm whether in your backyard or on a grander scale, you need to look to the prospect of starting an organic chicken farm. Even if you need to do not engage in farming but still own farm lands, you can enjoy various kinds of tax exemptions by rearing sheep. In exchange WWOOFers work an agreed number of hours helping out around the farm making use of their host.

For More Info: . Therefore, this form of animal husbandry proves highly beneficial for homeschooled kids of ages above 5 years. Both the Prostrate Acacia and Acacia Redolens fall under the category of proper winter resistant plants and shrubs. At another seminar, "John" shared his experience. celticvikingfurniture.

Healthy and clean livingIn starting a chicken farm organically, the chicken should approximate the natural living conditions of the free roaming animal as much as possible. goinggreentoday. com/healthy-family.